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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Erotic Lingerie and Sex Appeal

Let's explore the positive effects and the beauty of Erotic lingerie, as well as some history.
There is underwear and there is lingerie and it is a shameful understatement to call lingerie just sexy underwear. It is an enhancement of the woman's form. It is the wispy negligee that cuts a seductive silhouette
as severe or as dainty as the woman allows. It is the breast lifter that long ago was made of whalebone, revolutionized earlier this century with the underwire, and now evolved into cups that push breasts in and up with ease and comfort. Erotic lingerie is an age-old tool for seduction that has reflected the era's definition of sexy and helped women transform from working woman or mild-mannered wife to a mistress of sexual magnetism.
Erotic lingerie is imperative to the erotic arts that we all partake in. It is, in its most classic role, the catalyst to seduce a man from sofa to bed. It is the visual and tactile framework around a woman's body that serves as an instrument for arousal and enticement. And sexy lingerie is the last article of clothing to drop to the floor. Satin or lace, it is the last tactile sensation before the touch of skin on skin.

But erotic lingerie does not need to start in the bedroom. By day, sexy lingerie can enhance the form under the clothes. And a woman can choose to cover it completely, only to let the hourglass form it helps create be the allure throughout the day. Or she can opt to let the gorgeous satin or lace be barely hidden under the clothing to serve as a tease to the man seeing it. When worn with clothing, the woman chooses the level of sensuality she shows in the lingerie as well as the level of sensuality she feels knowing what sexy attire could be revealed with the loosening of a button or the lift of the skirt.

Torturing men with the art of the tease started centuries ago and evolved over the continents. Asia's Edo period oirans tempted with billowy kimonos. Mediterranean women over 2,000 years ago teased with cleavage and buttocks that pushed out and up. Europe's renaissance did the same. The shape was often created through garments that pulled, pushed, lifted and squeezed, and it still is to this day.
Today, the whole body is accentuated with a thin waist, curvy round hips and buttocks, and overflowing, large breasts that are fully accepted floating much higher than the physical norm. However, lingerie has flattened
as much as curved. Flappers may not be seen now as the most seductive female form, but lingerie helped them be less curvy and smaller all over. But for most of seduction's history, two canyons were to be accentuated by any means necessary: the chest and the rear end.

As a sexual culture, we have definitely evolved into wispy "barely there" underwear but erotic lingerie has not always had this much comfort, nor has it always given this much choice to the woman wearing it on what kind of sexy she wants to be. We have lingerie for every body type and while the goal is usually an hourglass figure, whether she is thin or voluptuous a woman can find lingerie that will enhance or accentuate her most attractive assets.

Historically, the breasts have gone through many transformations as to what is seen by society as the "sexiest" form. One decade's padded bosom is another decade's boyish flattening with popularity in padding the previous decade becoming a strong influence on the flattening and hiding during the next. Shapes changed over time and included small round cups, buttocks-inspired deep cleavage, free-moving surgery enhanced melons, and even rocket-shaped bullets. No matter what one prefers, no one can deny that seduction via the ta-tas has certainly found a home in many outlandish shapes. Nowadays, the best bet is to seduce with what they'll see when the lingerie comes off.

One usually thinks of the chest as the first stop for the tempted male's eye, and it often is. But the legs and buttocks tempt just as much. Because of this panties can reveal and enhance with the same technology. Some panties will lift and firm depending on what is desired. Others reveal or peek over pants to catch the eye of a sexual target. G-strings and thongs allow the curve of the buttocks to be smooth which enhances the sexy roundness of the behind.

However, we are starting to see the glimmer of an emerging sexual silhouette -the woman's own unique shape accented with light drapings. Mind you, the lingerie may squeeze in one area to accentuate the natural padding of another, but lingerie today can flatter without "false advertising." Many lingerie shops will have complete sections for the small-chested, the heavy-breasted, and the full figured. And we are seeing that sexy lingerie has grown in definition to enhance every part of the body. Sexy lingerie no longer ends at the infamous derriere. Sexuality goes all the way to the toes with shoes. Heels lift the back of the foot to give height, elongate the leg, and cut a slender silhouette of the calf and thigh which accentuate the legs and buttocks. Shoes are often a neglected part of the ensemble (we're indoors after all, right?), but to truly create the erotic figure the woman aims for, the shoes do the walk that goes with the talk.

One can find in a lot of lingerie the tip of a V-strip of material, or sensual jewelry that works almost exactly like a road map, pointing out the shortest distance from wonder to pleasure. Sensual jewelry is a shiny, sparkling addition to lingerie and can be found in many lingerie shops. The classic is the necklace. In the Middle Ages, women aroused with a small bell pendant that hung perfectly above their cleavage. Most popular this year (and in the decade overall) are rows of rhinestones or silver around the waist or neck. A seemingly stray piece dangles seductively to the side, or if one wants to be completely forward, straight down the middle.
The waist has been enhanced mainly to accentuate the polar ends of the sensual body. Corsets and bodices can thin or stretch the waist so that the breasts and buttocks seem larger and higher. The separation adds length and thins the body as much as the tightening does.
Those that use the argument for not putting time or thought into their lingerie will say, "I don't buy lingerie because I'll just take it off." These people have completely missed the point. Erotic lingerie was created not only to make sure that exact action took place over and over and over again, but to ensure there would be a captive audience for that special show.